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The Taiwan Teddy Bear Association have been involved with teddy bears since 2003. The association is organized and run by Mr.Yauh-Zeng Lin (YZ), a keen teddy bear collector and teddy bear artist. He main focus is to introduce the Taiwan market to collector mohair teddy bears and promote the Taiwanese Bear Artist. To achieve and reach his goal, with the help of his wife Karen Wei, another collector and teddy bear artist, they run a teddy bear shop, selling artist bears, bear making supplies and other bear related items.. They offer all kinds of bear making classes, often asking International bear artists to give lessons in bear making at their shop. During the year they have many promotions and end each year with an International Bear Show and competition. This is the 5th year of the exhibition and to celebrate the first ever Chinese teddy bear book (in Chinese) will be published. Copies can be obtained from Mi-Shen Publication.

The show is a well organized one, gets press and TV coverage and sees bear artists from around the world taking part. Special hotel discounts and tours are arranged for visiting participants.To continue with promoting the world of bears should any artist wishing to take part in the November Taiwan Teddy Bear exhibition and competition please visit the website ww.twtba.org.tw. where further details can be found.

Artists entering both the 2008 Olympic Challenge and the Taiwan Teddy Bear Competition will get a 5% discount on the entry fee for the Taiwan Teddy bear competition. Please read the rules that apply to this competition on the website ww.twtba.org.tw.

Lynette Kennedy is a teddy bear artist living in South Africa. She has been involved with bear making for the past 12 years and has travelled extensively during this period, promoting and selling her bears around the world. In South Africa she has recently opened a shop, gives bear making classes, and is the International representative for the Taiwan Teddy Bear Association.
Website: www.fred-i-bear.co.za

Both Yauh-Zeng Lin and Lynette Kennedy are striving to help promote and keep the collector teddy bear market alive and introduce this wonderful craft to others.

Taiwan Teddy Bear Association
Add: 1F, No.14, Alley 27, Lane 90, Desing E. Rd., Shihlin District, Taipei City 11147, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: +886-2-2833-7982
Fax: +886-2-2832-2605 or +886-2-2833-7939
E-Mail: service@twtba.org.tw
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